The USA Government wants you to stop using Huawei devices – Wall Street Journal

According to the Wall Street Journal, the USA Officials want Americans to stop using any type of Huawei devices. Also, the US banned Huawei & ZTE from supplying equipment in the state.

USA Officials said Huawei devices might spy on you

USA Officials said Huawei devices might spy on you

This came to a big surprise when the Wall Street Journal revealed that the USA authorities were even trying to persuade its allies not to use Huawei devices. But what’s happening here, why is the State asking people to stop using Huawei’s powerful and fantastic devices. Unfortunately, no one knows yet… this is an inside decision from the US Government itself.

However, we do believe that it is because Huawei poses a threat to American tech devices. Like recently, Apple struggling to make good sales with its iPhones XS series. And the American even went on stopping the production of Apple iPhone XR and iPhone X too. On the other hand, Huawei is performing super and even seats as the world’s second largest smartphone provider.

Right now, many people think this is the cause. It seems like the American government is trying to protect Apple and other tech manufacturers from getting robbed by Huawei. Chinese firm’s handsets and equipment as well. According to a close source, the USA has already informed its friends – Germany, Italy, Japan and others about this matter.

America governments really want to put end to the usage of Huawei devices. In between, Australia also imposed a serious ban on Huawei equipment on its soil – months ago. In between, Huawei company was also the one that was supposed to develop Australia’s first 5G network.

USA Officials said Huawei devices might spy on you

USA FEDs Fact & Truth 

In conclusion, there is a version of fact that the Feds believe about Chinese Huawei company. The FBI’s head, Christopher Wray, breaks it down that Huawei founder, Ren Zhengfei, is a former officer in the People’s Liberation Army of China. And American authorities do believe that this is a serious threat to as it might lead to constant espionage. Source – WSJ

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