These Powerful $ 350 Nokia & Motorola Phones look like $1,000 Flagships

These $ 350 Nokia & Motorola Phones are killing values in iPhone XSXS Max and Galaxy S9+ and Note 9. What matter most is how a phone looks and how it performs. 

$ 350 Nokia & Motorola Phones

$ 350 Nokia & Motorola Phones

Today’s story is about two budget phones that offer fantastic specs and very good performance as some premium smartphones. Discover the Nokia 7.1 and the Motorola One devices – both available in stores now.

The first impressions from these cheap smartphones are that they have the same design as the new iPhones 2018.

They come with tall screens, dual cameras, and notches on top of that.

The good news is that Nokia & Motorola Phones sell at very affordable prices. The Nokia 7.1 price starts at $349 and the Motorola One price debuts at $399.

besides, some of our staff have used both the Nokia & Motorola Phones and they found out that they are very exclusive in terms of functionalities. They are very performant, good specs, excellent cameras, and even super good at being a mobile gaming phone.

Besides, if you really enjoy using budget phones, then these are the best ones right now.

$ 350 Nokia & Motorola Phones

Both mobile phones – Nokia 7.1 & Motorola One have close screen displays that feature a 5.9-inch display. In fact, their screens fill up most of the front display for a great, modern look and view.

You will also find that the Nokia 7.1 smartphone has a super good, sharper and saturated display.

And this is a pretty enjoyable feature for gaming and reading. It offers a nice resolution which is a bit over 1080p.

On the other hand, the Motorola One phone has a closer 720p resolution,  meaning that most of its screen display feature is blurrier.

However, the Motorola One device’s color tuning is all more natural than the Nokia 7.1.

Moreover, you can get many benefits from tall screen phones. We do advise you to buy these cheap iPhones alternatives for people who want a quality phone at a lower price.

$ 350 Nokia & Motorola Phones

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