Vivo NEX Smartphones, Probably the hottest Android Phones Right Now

Is the new Vivo NEX Smartphone the hottest Smartphone in the game? Maybe… The phone at least come with new technology that you might probably never heard of before. Check out this new 8GB RAM Smartphone.

Vivo NEX Smartphones, Probably the hottest Android phone Right Now

Vivo Nex Specifications

The new Vivo phone was unveiled with its pop-up camera and under display fingerprint sensor. Actually, the first design was only a prototype, the company found out that fans really loved it… and they decided to make this innovative for real. The Nex A and Nex S are mass made market smartphones for everyone. In fact, Vivo is fixing a very reasonable price on these phones as it looks forward to sell millions of both models.

The Vivo NEX S price in China begins at $700/€600. Pretty acceptable for 2018 Smartphone with Snapdragon 845 device. According to reports, the NEX S builds on the X-phones with the addition of OIS to its dual 12 + 5 MP camera.

But both Vivo Nex Devices pop-up cameras are unique and well performant. On the front, you will enjoy snapping photos with the 8 MP shooter that doesn’t spoil the screen with its notch. However, you might find a little bit resemblance here with the Xiaomi Mi Mix. The camera has been tested by t5he company 50,000 times and can withstand 45 kg (100 lbs), so it should be quite durable.

Vivo NEX Smartphones, Probably the hottest Android phone Right Now

The Vivo NEX A Price is even cheaper, it costs $625/€530. This model comes with a processor variant of Snapdragon 710 chipset. For the security or fingerprint sensor, Vivo instead installed a classic reader on the back of this variant. The Nex A also comes with a pop-up camera and a 6.59” Super AMOLED screen. The performance, the Nex S model has 8 GB RAM and 128 GB storage (with an option for 256 GB). The Nex A on the other hand offers 6/128 GB, which is still plenty.

Stay tuned, more details about these Vivo Smartphones will soon be covered when it officially arrives in Western Vivo stores.

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