WhatsApp stickers Feature: Users can now send stickers to their friends

WhatsApp stickers Features: The FaceBook owned application just made it easy for you to send big any sticker to your friends.

WhatsApp stickers Features:

WhatsApp stickers Features:

It’s still unbelievable to consider that WhatsApp new emoji were still not available to users. Well, there is finally a good news. The App is finally rolling this feature out start from October 2018. Facebook-owned App announced in a blog article that it was launching the WhatsApp stickers this week to iOS and Android.

To send stickers, users can check the sticker icon in the text input field.  It almost like the family company Facebook’s sticker system. Meaning that you have to download the type of stickers you want to use. For now, the stickers are created by WhatsApp designers along with a few selections from other artists.

WhatsApp also announced the support for third-party sticker apps on Android and iOS.  This means that users can send their own made stickers from Google Play Store or App Store within the App.

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