World’s Biggest TV – 88-inch LG TV with 8K OLED display To Be Official At CES 2018

Not a joke anymore, the world biggest TV will launch at the CES 2018 on January 11 in Las Vegas ( USA ). This 88-inch LG TV with 8K OLED display is the best OLED TV of 2018. For more details, read the full article below. 

88-inch LG TV with 8K OLED display

88-inch LG TV with 8K OLED display

In fact, the South Korean electronics giant has already announced this TV officially. But for you to grab one of it and take it home, you will have to wait for one more week. LG Electronics Inc will first release its new 88-inch LG TV with 8K OLED display on January 11, 2018, in Nevada – Las Vegas. 

Besides that, LG really tried hard to make this wonderful OLED TV without compromising its brightness. This is one of the biggest and major problem you can find in many LCD TVs out there. What makes the new LG OLED TV magnificent is the high-quality pixels it packed in the panel to optimize the TV with a high resolution. Every year, TV manufacturer bring new and gigantic models into the TV market. 

In addition, OLED is the second best display after the Super AMOLED of Samsung. Furthermore, LG is the only manufacturer of this OLED display. That’s why its LG smartphones, TVs, and other devices can have this display with no worries. As we said, this TV will officially go on sale after it hits the CES 2018 Show. For its price, full features and value, we will try to cover that on 11 January 2018 for you. Stay tuned for more details. 

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