Xiaomi phone with 48MP camera, 10GB RAM, 5G is coming in January 2019

Earlier in 2018, Xiaomi decided to open an in-house camera division so it can focus on delivering high-quality camera phones from 2019. Guess what, Xiaomi phone with 48MP camera is launching in Jan 2019. 

Xiaomi Phone with 48MP -

Xiaomi Phone with 48MP –

Xiaomi company co-founder and President Lin Bin shared a photo of a Xiaomi phone with 48MP cameras. And the phone is ready for 2019 official market debut. The Boss -Xiaomi co-founder quoted “48MP camera” is here. Lin Bin himself has used the new Xiaomi phone for weeks, and he said that it was a good phone.

In fact, there are monster camera phones already in the industry. One of them is the latest Huawei Mate 20 Pro which comes with a 40MP sensor (quad Bayer). Therefore, we will just have to wait and see what functionality and features the 48MP Xiaomi smartphone packs.

Besides, Xiaomi 48MP handset lens include the Sony IMX586 sensor that was announced in July 2018. Sony is one of the best camera manufacturers, so we hope that Sony’s fusion with Xiaomi will bring something good. Stay tuned – more details about this monster Xiaomi flagship coming soon.

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