Check Out The Xiaomi XR – XS – XS Max – Value For Money Tech Packages

After Apple launched the iPhone XR, XS and XS Max, Xiaomi played its part by launching the Xiaomi XR – XS – XS Max. However, Xiaomi’s devices are bundle … Xiaomi Phones + Laptop + Earbuds and more. 

Xiaomi XR - XS - XS Max

Check Out The Xiaomi XR – XS – XS Max

1 – Xiaomi XR Package

As it matches the iPhone XR price, Xiaomi’s XR package includes a Mi 8 SE phone (in the highest 6GB/128GB), a 12.5-inch Mi Notebook Air (8GB/256GB), a Xiaomi Mi Band 3, and a Xiaomi Bluetooth handsfree.

Xiaomi XR - XS - XS Max

2 – Xiaomi XS Package

Additionaly, comes the XS version of Xioami. The Xiaomi XS package includes the Xiaomi Mi 8 SE for a Mi Mix 2S (8GB/256GB version), inclusive Xiaomi’s 13.3-inch Mi notebook Air and the Mi Band 3 + Bluetooth headset.

Xiaomi XR - XS - XS Max

3 – Xiaomi XS Max bundle

Contrary to the iPhone XS Max price, you can get the Xiaomi Mi 8 smartphone (6GB/128GB). Besides, you will also benefit the Xiaomi Mi notebook Pro (the one with an MX150 GPU), the Mi Band 3 and a pair of neckband-style Bluetooth earbuds.

Xiaomi XR - XS - XS Max

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