Xiaomi Mi TV 4A Costs Only $375- 50 Inch- 4K HDR- 3 Times Cheaper Than iPhone X

For the past 3 years, Xiaomi changed its technics by focusing on quality and value for money. Recently, it started expanding its market by entering the European and American zone with an objective of delivering quality products with low money. This is why we are reviewing the Xiaomi Mi TV 4A that costs only $ 375.

Xiaomi Mi TV 4A Costs Only $375- 50 Inch- 4K HDR- 3 Times Cheaper Than iPhone X

Xiaomi Mi TV 4A- 50inch Beast

Xiaomi officially presented a new Television called the Xiaomi Mi TV 4A with a very cheap price. In fact, this 50-inch 4K HDR display TV is twice cheaper than the Samsung Galaxy S8 or 3 times cheaper than iPhone X. Fun right, but the good thing is that the new Xiaomi TV is a quality product. And it offers a 4K display with HDR and Dolby audio for only $375.

This makes it a must-buy TV for a family. According to AndroidCentral, “the 50-inch model is the sixth variant in the Mi TV 4A series, following the debut of the 32-inch, 43-inch, 49-inch, 55-inch, and 65-inch models last year. Xiaomi is once again touting PatchWall — an AI-based recommendations engine — as one of the key differentiators”.

However, the best advice we can tell you is that you have to try your best and get this TV. Xiaomi really builds quality products now, you can check its iPhone 8 Plus Killer Here. Besides, Xiaomi was the very first brand to launch the first bezel-less smartphone ” Full Screen“.

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